Eccleshill Methodist Church

Eccleshill Methodist Church.

Address: Norman Lane, Eccleshill, BRADFORD, BD2 2JZ

On 10 July 2016 Eccleshill Methodist Church held its closing service. We laughed and we cried, we praised and gave thanks as we celebrated its life and witness in a final act of public worship. The church was full of people of all ages; all with their own memories and in that bitter sweet moment, God's love was in our midst.

We lay down what is past and look to the future.
We let go of hurt and regret and travel with hope.
We leave behind familiar paths and take new steps into the unknown.

The singing group brought the service to an emotional close with their own version written for them by their pianist, Roger Morgan-Williams, May the road rise up to meet you.

Photographs and memories are shared on the Friends of Ecclesshill Methodist Church Facebook page.


Photo: Newly decorated interior

Eccleshill Methodists moved almost full circle, in village locations, since the start of Methodism in the district, at the Lands Lane Chapel, in 1775. In 1776 John Wesley preached there and remarked in his journal

"I preached at Eccleshill to a people just sprung out of the dust, exceeding artless and exceeding earnest, many of whom already seemed to have been saved from sin. Oh, why do we not encourage all to expect this blessing every hour".

In 1938 a 'breakaway' group formed the Victoria Road Church and the Wesleyans opened their church at Stoney Lane in 1856. During the war the two churches worked together and in 1946 became one church in the Stoney Lane premises. As time went on the larger premises became difficult to maintain and it was agreed to 'downsize' and join the Primitive church on Norman Lane which is dated 1911. A new Sunday School was built in 1965 and the old all-purpose building was transformed into the present Church in 1967.

During the years members have moved on, feeding other societies in Bradford and beyond. Many of our members have become local preachers and there is at least one clergyman who came to our Sunday School. From our members we have provided three Bradford Lord Mayors, Thomas Edward Hall, Paul Hockney and Allan Irving Hillary, and one Local Councillor, Norman Todd. Another note of interest - the world famous artist David Hockney attended Sunday School in the Stoney Lane Days.

In July 2005, the church was refurbished to include a small meeting room and kitchen making it easier to serve refreshments after services