We are a relatively new circuit that came into being on 1 September 2009 bringing together a number of churches from the former Shipley & Bingley Circuit, Bradford West Circuit and the Bradford Woodhouse Grove Circuit.Get Adobe pdf reader.

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Date Event
14 September 2017

Stuart Ayrton, Senior Steward, Authorised by Conference to Serve communion.
Rev Nick Blundell re-invited as Circuit Superintendent for a further 5 years on a full time basis from September 2018.

1 September 2017 The Yorkshire West District came into being and was formed from a joining together of the former West Yorkshire District and part of the previous Leeds District.
23 April 2017 Sandy Lane Methodist Church held its last service.
17 March 2017

Partnered with Zephaniah Trust for children's work.
Margaret Clayton stepped down as Circuit Steward.
Roger Butterfield appointed as Safeguarding Representative for Vulnerable Adults.

19 September 2016 Laura Tunnacliffe appointed as part-time Circuit Youth Worker.
1 September 2016 Lynne Keating stepped down as Circuit Employment Officer.
10 July 2016 Eccleshill Methodist Church held its final service.
15 March 2016 John Watmough appointed as Circuit Treasurer.
Clive Grimshaw appointed as Circuit Steward.
30 September 2015 Anna Cooley stepped down as Children's Ministry Enabler.
1 September 2015 Rev Andrew Taylor joined the Ministry Team on a full-time basis.
31 August 2015 Martin Bashforth stepped down as Circuit Steward.
5 January 2015 Anna Cooley joined the Circuit as Children's Ministry Enabler with a welcome service at Crag Road on 1 February 2015.
1 September 2014 Rev Christine Crabtree joined the Circuit with a welcome service at Northcliffe Church.
Jennifer Conroy appointed as Circuit Steward.
August 2014 David Hogg retired as Circuit Steward
20 July 2014 The Circuit said farewell to Rev Ian Griffiths and Tabitha Griffiths (LP), and Rev Sarah Jemison at a Circuit Service at St Andrew's Methodist Church. The service included the recognition of Kim Joy as a fully accredited Local Preacher.
Order of service.
March 2014 Sharon Fell, Children's Work Enabler left the Circuit.
September 2013 John Wilson joined the Circuit as Lay Pastoral Visitor/Co-ordinator.
Martin Bashforth appointed Senior Circuit Steward.
Lynne Keating appointed as Lay Employment Officer.
August 2013 Rev Lynn Britten left the Circuit to take up an appointment in Birmingham.
Lynne Keating retired as Circuit Steward.
Stewart Ayrton stepped down as Senior Circuit Steward.
18 July 2013 Rev Mark Watson was licensed as the new minister in charge of Christchurch LEP. The Chair of District, Roger Walton, preached on the theme of partnerships as he welcomed Mark, an Anglican priest, into the Bradford North Circuit Ministry Team, where he is authorised as a Methodist Minister.
Circuit Service
14 July 2013
Lorna Whiteley admitted as a fully accredited local Preacher; she was presented with a bible and John Darnbrook read the President's letter.
Long service awards presented to Senior Local Preachers: Graham Banks, Martin Bashforth, Peter Jackson and Roy Lorrain-Smith, 30 years; Diane Greenwood, 35 years; Paul Hockney, 50 years; Brian Galling, 55 years.
Barry Empson recognised and reinstated as a Local Preacher.
A new Communion set was dedicated for use by the extended communion visitors, and Frances Trees was commissioned as a visitor.
Together, we celebrated the ministries of Linda Atkin and Lynn Britten among us, with Linda reading the lesson and Lynn preaching a challenging sermon. That sermon ended with these words:
"This evening I finish by asking you to think and pray about the following. What areas of our life, individual, as a church and together as a circuit are wasting energy, are inward looking and becoming unproductive? Where does new pruning need to take place in order to encourage new growth in the right direction, outwards?"
30 June 2013 Wilsden Methodist & United Reformed Church formally recognised its new name of Wilsden Trinity Church at its Anniversary Service. The change of name celebrates a 25 year union and recognises more recent contributions from members of the former Harecroft Methodist Church.
29 May 2013 Team Ministry Review (pdf)
1 September 2012 Rev Nick Blundell took up appointment as Supertindent.
Rev Alistair Newton, Rev Keith Hunt and Rev Freddie Takavarasha left the Bradford North Circuit to take up appointments in other circuits.
Anne Willey retired as Circuit Steward.
1 March 2012 Pending confirmation from Synod, the Circuit Meeting granted Harecroft Methodist Church permission to cease worship. The Superintendent commended the contribution that the members of Harecroft have given to the Circuit. The last Service was the Anniversary Service on Sunday 29 April 2012 at 2.00 pm.
Rev Nick Blundell was formally invited as Superintendent from September 2012.
The Circuit Meeting received a second report from the Steering Implementation Group.
Rev Stella Hayton left the Circuit.
20 Sept 2011 The Circuit Meeting agreed the recommendation of the Invitations Committee that Rev Keith Hunt, Rev Alistair Newton and Rev Freddy Takavarasha go forward for stationing in September 2012.
The Circuit Meeting also received a progress report from the Steering Implementation Group.
1 Sept 2011 Stuart Ayrton took up office as Senior Circuit Steward.
Martin Bashforth and Margaret Clayton took up office as Circuit Stewards.
31 August 2011 Welcome Circuit Service for Rev Phil Drake and family at 19:00 Northcliffe LEP.
Ruth Whitfield and Pamela Hustler stepped down as Circuit Stewards.
Lynne Keating stepped down as Senior Circuit Steward.
31 July 2011 Farewell Circuit Service for Rev Joy Rulton at 18:00 Great Horton Methodist Church.
30/31 July 2011 Eccleshill Methodist Church celebrated its centenary:
Exhibition - 2.00 pm to 4.30 pm Saturday and Sunday - a display of photos depicting the life of our Church over the past 100 years.
Worship - 10.30 am Sunday Rev Bernard Nixon - 6.00 pm A special Centenary service led by Rev Keith Hunt.
17 May 2011 The Circuit Meeting received a report from the Strategy Group and Option 3 to reduce staffing by 3 was carried by a majority vote.
3 March 2011 The Circuit Meeting appointed a Strategy Group to consider approaches to dealing with a substantial financial deficit.
2 October 2010 The Leadership Team met at Silsden Methodist Church for an Away Day to discern God's will for our future mission. This led to a Circuit Consultation, "Toddling" (pdf)
October 2010 Clive Grimshaw appointed as Circuit Treasurer, Clair Schofield as Circuit Administrator and Nicola Cameron as Finance Officer.
August 2010 Beth Ashton, Circuit Administrator, left us to take up a teacher training course.
2 Sept 2009 Celebration of New Beginnings at Bradford Cathedral
March 2009 Obviously, there was much discussion and work in the lead up to the launch of the new circuit; this is captured in the March 2009 edition of the former Bradford Woodhouse Grove Circuit's Newsletter (pdf format).
Pre-2009 Our heritage page provides brief histories of Methodism and the former circuits.