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Memories of Thorp Methodist Church 1810 - 2008

War time memories. Guiding memories. Methodism in pottery. Nostalgic conversations.

Formerly Idle Wesleyan Chapel

"... Thorp is not closing but retiring. It is not the end but the closure of one chapter paving way for the next. It is not the end of Thorp's witness and mission but the accomplishment of a phase. It is with pride and nostalgia that many will gather for the final service on July 27 2008. The brave decision, taken by a brave group of Christians in recognition of changing times, offers a chance to commemorate and celebarte 200 years of service, in an upbeat, positive and optimistic way. A rejoicing rather than a sadness"

These are the words written by Rev Freddy Takavarasha, the current minister, in the beautiful book of memories printed to commemorate Thorp's closure. How true they were as it was indeed a time of rejoicing!

Amidst a celebration of Christian witness and, inevitably, with some sadness, Thorp Methodist Church closed its doors for the last time on Sunday 27 July 2008. What a wonderful weekend it was though. Almost 200 years of service was captured beautifully through the photographs and memorabilia on display in the Wesley room. Friends renewed acquaintances and revived loving memories through their nostalgic conversations. Blessed by wonderful weather, the final service was shared by a congregation that was spilling out through the open doors; so many people whose lives have been touched by Thorp's mission.

Rev Keith Hunt, our Circuit Superintendent, led the service. Rev Harry Scott, who had lovingly sustained and supported the congregation through the stages of deliberation and decision making gave a wonderful address, and the current minister, Rev Freddy Takavarasha led the final prayers. The service ended with the hymn "O breath of Life, come sweeping through us" sung to the tune "Thorp" written by David McCarthy, a former choir master and music master of Woodhouse Grove School; a fitting end to the celebrations.

Sincere thanks to everyone who contributed in so many ways to make this such a special weekend. The book of memories raised over £300 in donations to the Blenheim project. We had hoped to provide the full slide show from the weekend; however, for technical reasons, we're having to do this in shorter instalments and will post a section each month.

Thorp through the ages

Here are links to the slide show from the weekend; after clicking on the link, click on the "Download File" option and choose "Open". (If you do not have PowerPoint software installed, you can download a viewer):