Methodists believe in what our founder, John Wesley, called 'social holiness'. It is vital to meet and worship with other Christians in order to grow in the Christian life and to understand what is God's will for us and for our community.

God's love is for all, so we offer you a very warm invitation to come and worship with us. Our Circuit Plan lists our churches and gives details of the times we meet for worship each Sunday and the preacher for that service.

Alternative Worship





Worship resources

You might find the following links to external resources useful for developing your relationship with God.

Leading worship

In the Methodist Church both ordained ministers and appropriately qualified lay people preach in our services; some may be assisted by worship leaders from the local church. On occasion, our churches also have "own arrangement" services when the local church takes responsibility for arranging worship. The following links provide information for those who feel called to preach or lead worship, and for those with responsibility for "own arrangement" services: